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The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner was designed with shop service in mind. The patented cleaning process allows the DPF to be cleaned as part of a general maintenance schedule at the service location with minimal time away from the vehicle. 

Tires Solutions has an extensive fleet maintenance program that is currently trusted by commercial fleets in the Raleigh-Durham area. Our management works closely with fleet managers to design a maintenance system that works best for their company. Complete maintenance records are kept and managed on each vehicle in the fleet. Please contact us with any questions regarding our fleet maintenance program or to schedule a consultation.

The cost of not cleaning your DPF can be far greater than the cost of cleaning! 
The effects could be engine problems, loss of fuel mileage, and potential down time.
Those are some are some of the direct problems relating to a dirty DPF filter?
We provide all repair services including: 

Why DPF Filter Cleaning is Required

The more a vehicle is used, the more the filter will need cleaning, especially if there are lots of short distances being made on a daily basis. When the filter requires cleaning, a light will appear on the dashboard and this will mean that the vehicle has switched into a DPF regeneration mode. During this time, the excess material which has been gathered by the filter will be removed and burnt off, however, this does not work at all times due to a variety of reasons. The most common reason is having a lack of power available, which occurs when completing short distances or driving at low speeds..


If the diesel particulate filter becomes blocked it is then unable to clean itself and once this happens a new light will appear on the dashboard and you will be required to have the filter professionally cleaned. Many service centres and garages will access the filter and recommend that you have a new one fitted, but this is incredibly expensive and on most occasions, completely the wrong diagnosis and recommendation.

DPF Cleaning Process

Here are 6 clear steps in the process for cleaning your diesel particulate filter, here they are…..


  • Step 1 – The filter will be examined and assessed by our specialized cleaning team to ascertain the level of contamination and overall health of your filter.


  • Step 2 – Your filter will then be placed in the air pulse machine to have all the loose carbon/soot removed in a safe and contained environment.


  • Step 3 – Your filter will then be placed in a thermal oven and heat treated to temperatures varying between 450c to 600c depending on the filter type, this will breakdown any carbon/soot that remains in the filter.


  • Step 4 – Your filter will then be placed back into the air pulse machine to have any excess carbon/soot deposits removed.


  • Step 5 – Your filter will then have an airflow test to make sure the filter is clean and carbon/soot free.


  • Step 6 – A detailed ‘before and after’ report will then be created and returned back to you, along with your clean, compliant and ready to use filter.

DPF Filters Cleaning

We can clean almost any filter, and return it to you in nearly new condition, preventing the need to invest heavily in new filters. The process is efficient in both the time it takes and the cost; contact us today for full details on how we can help you.

DPF Clean Emissions

Diesel particulate filters are installed on many of the new diesel engine vehicles and to comply with EC regulations are required to be cleaned at least once per year, sometimes more depending on the amount of miles clocked. 

DPF filters are fitted on diesel vehicles in order to remove particles from the emissions that diesel engines produce, reducing the amount of soot that is produced and pumped into the air. By removing the soot this leads to a large reduction in the level of toxic emissions in and around major US cities, leading to a cleaner and brighter future for all of us.

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